Who pays for shipping?

The Buyer pays for shipping but there are links on the items bid page to request shipping quotes for your convenience.
So I made an offer on an item, now what?

The Seller has 3 days to either accept your offer or submit a counter offer. Your offer will be canceled if the Seller does not respond in this period of time.
My offer was accepted, now what?

When the Buyer’s offer is accepted, the Buyer will pay Alternate Equipment Solutions and we in turn will pay the Seller. AES will help facilitate the delivery of the item from the seller to the buyer as well.
As a Seller, am I allowed to list my products on other websites?

Absolutely, we just ask that you take your listing down if you sell your item elsewhere.
What are the reasons that I should list my items on Alternative Equipment Solutions?

There are no risks involved when listing your items on AES. You can alter your ask price or completely delete your listing at any time.  There are no fees or charges until your items sell and you can list as many items as you want without any upfront costs.